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  • This is an ESTIMATE based on the customer’s interpretation of what is wrong with their car. It does not include tax, shop supplies or incidental parts that may require replacement with the job. This car has not been tested or diagnosed by any of the ASE Certified Master Technicians at {your shop name} (looking at a car in the parking lot is NOT a test or diagnosis). If the customer wishes to have this problem diagnosed, additional charges will accrue at a rate of $xx.xx per hour for mechanical problems and $xxx.xx per hour for electrical and driveability problems. The above estimate will then be adjusted to reflect what is really wrong with the vehicle at which time the customer can decide whether or not to have the repairs performed. If repairs are declined, customer will be responsible for paying any and all diagnostic charges and for all tests performed.

    This is an estimate and should not be considered a fixed

    price for all work to be performed as there are some

    unknown factors that could reflect a higher cost of some

    repair items once the work has started. Also , due to the ‘

    rushed ‘ nature of this proposal there may be a higher cost

    on materials and other services not available for proper

    quotes at such short notice.

  • Pat Andersen

    March 8, 2011 at 5:20 pm in reply to: Survey – How Much $ Would You Cut From US Fed Budget?

    The last time there was a government shut-down due to budget arguments they actually only shut down the “non-essential” government offices and services. No one I know noticed a difference in their normal daily routines while the government was “shut down”.

    I think we should start by permanently shutting down all non-essential government departments. According to the enumerated powers described in the Constitution the federal government only has the authority to offer essential services anyway. I don’t know exactly how much we’d save if we did this but I’d bet the budget would be balanced with plenty left over if we held them to the rules.