• IF the shop has dropped the ball – we have a responsibility to make things right. One way or another.

    BUT feeding into the practice of buying off bad reviews is only giving more power to the practice of review abuse.


    Review abuse? Yep – folks are absolutely using the power of the review for bad. And if the shoe was on the consumers foot….they wouldn’t like it one bit.


    Recently…Read More

  • Dorman…. Love ‘Em, Hate ‘Em, either way they are a force in our industry!
    In this episode David and I set down with Lester Kovacs, the Director of Ideation at Dorman.
    Now let’s be clear, David and I spent the better part of a week attempting to determine the best “way” to have this conversation…
    You see, plenty of folks are upset with Dorman quality – it’s become a running theme or…Read More

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