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    Posted by Site Administrator on May 12, 2018 at 9:50 am

    Using Management Controls in Automotive Repair

    Controls are employed by management to ensure that a business is performing at the desired level. In order to apply controls it is necessary to be able to measure different areas of business activity. If it can be measured it can be controlled and if it can be controlled it can be managed. The auto repair shop that utilizes controls to ensure desired performance levels are achieved will have a distinct advantage over competitors that don’t. Control is an important management function and should be given the proper amount of attention. Following are areas in which management controls can be utilized:


    1. Operational Controls – An automotive repair operation can be a very complex environment. As volume increases so can complexity. Regardless, the primary concerns of the customer remain the same … Read More >>
    2. Financial Controls – Managing an automotive repair business – like any small business – will require some degree of control on finances. It’s not necessary to have an in depth understanding of accounting to so this as a good deal of financial management can be accomplished using simple spreadsheets … Read More >>
    3. Performance Management – There are numerous key performance indicators that can be used to measure the performance of an automotive repair shop. Taking the measurements is the first step. In order for the measurements to be effective they must be compared to one or more benchmarks … Read More >>
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