• November 19, 2019 at 9:12 am #94176

    My guest today is Warren Parr, owner of Complete Car Care in Fresno, CA. He is an advisor at a Junior College Automotive Program and is involved in 6 different high schools. In this episode, Warren talks about the Pico Club. It is a monthly club of shop owners and technicians that share PicoScope case studies.

    Link to the episode.

    Find the show notes and Warren Parr’s email at remarkableresults.biz/e485. He says that the Pico Clubs has allowed their members to be more accurate and faster with their diagnostics

    Join the ecosystem.

    Warren and the team are discovering infinite ways to use the Pico Scope in smart and genius ways through the Pico Club. Imagine everyone united for the same purpose to learn from each other. I challenge you to create this club in your area and reach out to technicians and educators in your marketplace. The limit is your imagination.

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