• March 12, 2019 at 12:31 pm#86562

    Jill Trotta Vice President, Industry Advocacy and Sales RepairPal, discusses pricing transparency and reiterates the fact that it is not going away. Every shop owner should understand this and never let this disable them in any way. If you happen to have a friend who is struggling with pricing, let them listen to this episode and it may be worthwhile for them to best understand how it works and what it means to your operation. Listen to the episode HERE. Jill says that millions of people visit the RepairPal site each month and the data they collect helps them understand how to make pricing transparency work for you. She also offers some survey results that, are frankly, disturbing as it relates to satisfied customers. hashtag#aftermarketpodcast hashtag#remarkableresultspodcast hashtag#remarkableresultsradio hashtag#automotive hashtag#aftermarket hashtag#carmcast hashtag#listentolearnjustonething

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