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    1)      We are aware of the interest in total cloud-based solutions in the SMS marketplace. Someday our SMS could be entirely cloud-based, however, we do expect to offer the current hybrid model for the near term. We have already created a cloud infrastructure (MSEC) to facilitate certain elements in Manager SE including up-to-the-keystroke backup service, the SE scheduler (which now also supports online appointments when coupled with our SocialCRM product), the class 4-8 truck model list and more items to come. We are also factoring the reality of shops’ ISP speed and reliability; this could prevent some shops from having connectivity robust enough to support a full cloud SMS. The feedback we receive from many shops indicates that they would still prefer their database to be local (desktop) integrated with certain features that benefit being services in the cloud. We’re interested in specific shop feedback for what we believe are 5-6 primary activities that cloud provides (prioritized and/or frequency noted) beyond comparing all SMS features in the basic sense.

    2)      Expanding the mark-up matrix feature is on the list of our most popular requests; we would appreciate user input to measure the popularity of proposed changes whether it be by the vendor, category or other aspects yet to be identified.

    Tim McDonnell – Mitchell1

    [email protected]

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