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  • Get a Better ROI with Bulk Fluid Management

    Posted by Site Administrator on June 4, 2020 at 5:56 am

    Get a Better ROI with Bulk Fluid Management

    There are more vehicles on the road than ever before, and drivers are keeping their vehicles longer. This has led to a boom in automotive aftermarket services for shops and dealerships. In fact, the global automotive aftermarket industry is forecast to exceed $720 billion in 2020 and keep climbing to more than $1 trillion by 2022.

    Despite business growth, there’s always room to trim costs. Many shops and dealerships use bulk storage of lubrication fluids to enhance productivity, boost efficiency and increase operating profits. But could you be getting more from your bulk fluid management?

    There are many costs associated with bulk fluid management that often go unnoticed — yet still impact the bottom line. Billing entry, incorrect billing, manual paperwork, inaccurate fluid dispensing, reconciliation of fluids, theft, line brakes, spills and more can offset more visible productivity, efficiency and profit gains. Here are ways to rein in costs from your bulk fluid management program.

    Reduce Labor Costs

    Labor is one of the biggest cost centers in service shops and dealerships. Sidelining your labor force with tedious and time-consuming secondary tasks takes them away from servicing more vehicles and generating more revenue. With fluid management systems, you can decrease — or even eliminate — time spent on manual paperwork, billing and inventory reconciliation.

    Avoid and Record Mistakes

    Giving your crew carte blanche to dispense oil drives up your costs. It can lead to inaccurate fluid dispenses and billing mistakes. However, with a fluid management system, technicians are only permitted to dispense fluid according to a valid work order. In turn, all dispenses are recorded if accidents do occur — such as missing the oil plug or dispensing the wrong type of fluid.

    Mitigate Line Breaks

    Unfortunately, line breaks can happen. Some fluid management systems offer an additional security level that stop pumps from emptying the tanks by permitting the pump to function only via a meter request.

    Improve Efficiency and Visibility

    Running out of fluids creates unproductive downtime and impacts business continuity. The right fluid management system does more than monitor the fluids you have dispensed. These systems also monitor current levels in your bulk fluid tanks to ensure you have enough fluid on hand to service vehicles on the schedule.

    Are you getting the ROI you expect from your bulk fluid management practices?

    Tyler Salminen – Associate Product Marketing Manager, Graco

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