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  • dianellarson

    August 30, 2011 at 1:28 am in reply to: Anyone useing demandforce.com

    @ Joe Valind [joecval]

    Owner, Auto Safety Center, West Bend, WI, United States

    on 08-18-2011

    Are you using customerlink and demandforce?

    Yes we use both

    How have they worked for you together?

    Demandforce works awesome with my appointment program, as we run our

    shop like a Dentist office. My clients, & I, love the email reminders

    of their upcoming appointments, which many of them made six months in

    advance. I also like the reviews that Demandforce generates for us and

    the ease of using my clients information on my Demandforce portal

    page. I can check upcoming appointments, see who has read their

    reminder email and correct any information or correspond w/my clients


    CustomerLink is my go to for new client acquisition. Their SMRT

    Program is awesome, telling me what I need to know about which of my

    clients are my best clients, and then marketing to clients like

    them… CustomerLink is also doing a bang up job of obtaining Customer

    Reviews and monitoring my company’s online presence, adding relevant

    posts to my Facebook Page and giving me a great review page link from

    my website…Then of course they pick up on any of my clients who

    missed an appointment…They really watch out for my business when I

    don’t have time to…..

    How do you use them (who does what?)

    See above:) But to sum it up, Yes I use both companies, as each has

    different features I need… However the landscape is constantly

    changing…. You just need to figure out which company has the best

    benefits for your business at this time…or use both!

  • dianellarson

    August 30, 2011 at 1:01 am in reply to: Survey – Alignment Equipment

    1: What brand of wheel alignment equipment do you have now?

    John Bean Visualiner

    2: How old is it? 16yrs – yikes:)

    3: When do you plan to replace it? Wondering if I will?

    4: What brand(s) are you considering next time?

    Need to take a fresh look, if I decide to replace it, will research


    Why are we asking?