Auto Technician Minimum Produced Hours


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  1. I believe that a good A Tech that has the right layout, equipment and tools to do the job, should be able to be productive and produce 9.2 hours per day, min. / 120% productivity.

  2. Tom
    I chose not to complete this survey question as i believe that it will only lead to additional confusion in the industry. First time this has ever happened with one of your surveys. Not a bad average.


  3. It depends a lot on the makeup of the shop. Are there C&B tech doing a lot of the easy/ High billable jobs and you lean on the experience techs to do just the hard electrical and diagnostic jobs? There really isn’t a cookie-cutter answer for it. that being said any experience Tech regardless of the shop situation should be able to bill a ( minimum )of every hour they’re there.

  4. I think it really depends on the type of vehicles that you work on. If you specialize in one or two lines of vehicle you can bill many more hours than if you worked on all lines of vehicles. We aim to bill at 1 to 1, but realistically that does not happen as often as we like.

  5. We work 40 hours per week. In our system, billing consistently below 50 hours would be suspect. Ideally, we should bill 55. If a tech can’t bill at least 40 then we need to do more training or at least some serious evaluation.

  6. it would help if we knew how many hours the technesion was scheduled to work in a week. at my shop we are scheduled a 50 hour work week and i expect my techs to produce at least that

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