• It is time to remove the rumors and look at the facts about the DMV Mailing List.There is a DMV Mailing List and it has been available for 11 years. Yes it is the real thing. How can this be done? Because of the Privacy Act, you cannot give out any personal information about the vehicle your lead is driving.So when you go to buy the DMV List, all you get is a name and address.You will not…Read More

  • Auto Repair
    Advertising? What can I do to seriously increase, even double my RO Averages?
    What does auto repair advertising have to do with Full Price Retention. In
    fact, WHAT IS FULL PRICE RETENTION? I’ve never even heard that phrase
    before. (That is only because it was just created 3 days ago.)…Read More

  • This is one beautiful shop makeover! With the 2 tone paint job, yellow awnings and trim, you can’t help but look at this stunning building from a block away. Wonderful job on the remodeling. The picture too is absolutely great. Good exposure, well cropped. It is a great photo if you are going to hang it on the wall at home or in your office. But it is a lousy photo to use for your direct…Read More

  • Internet marketing is great and necessary. AND there are things you can do other than a web site to attract good customers. But direct mail marketing is still the very best way to bring in exactly the right customer for you. The customer with the right car, the right income and the desire to keep it in top condition. In other words – willing to spend money with you. Targeting by car make…Read More

  • Gentlemen – what we are talking about here is customer loyalty. But I have yet, in almost any discussion of customer loyalty to hear the number one reason most people don’t come back.Let us first assume that those of you who are coming to a great forum like this – really care about your customers and give exceptional customer service. The Royal Treatment. With that as a foundation,…Read More

  • NO! Don’t Do It. That wheel was invented long ago and it is square – not round. You won’t get anywhere with it.Movie theater advertising is one of those forms of “so called” promotion that makes money for the theater – not the auto repair shop. In my 30 years of auto service marketing, I have had many clients ask me about movie theater and major league scoreboard advertising. The problem?…Read More

  • LIke driving by a restaurant that has only 2 cars in the parking lot at dinner time, you know there is something wrong.Never use a photo of your shop with no cars in it. It creates the wrong assumptions.

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