• mpb replied to the topic Why Good Employees Leave in the forum Employees 5 years, 1 month ago

    In many cases people will leave out of self interest.  This is the backbone to capitalism.  I have left a few very good jobs because that was not where I wanted to spend my time and efforts.  Since 21 I have been self employees and I’m 35 now so most of my adult life I’ve been an entrepreneur.   During this time I have owned and operated several businesses and have had plenty of…Read More

  • I won’t say you should be committed.  In the effort to get more sales we all try different things.I do digital marketing for a living and kind of curious what the base rate per call was for you?  You seem to know your numbers so you should know what your close rate percentage is for calls.  Let’s say 20% so 1 in 5. from there you can work out your life time value and your 6 month value…Read More

  • AdWords can work great even on low budgets.The biggest issue I see when going into service based companies accounts is that often times the default setting are never changed for the campaign setup.  You should only be showing your ads to the people inside your service based area and not to “people in or searching for”.This along with bid adjustments for Mobile and Tablet traffic can help…Read More

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