Monica Anaya

  • Looking to increase labor rate. Looking for feedback on how people determine what to set it at. I know many people just raise it by a certain amount but I know there is a calculation that some people use. If so what is it and/ or any suggestions? I already called around to see roughly what everyone is at around my area. I know I want to raise it but just unsure by how much- although I…Read More

  • We had numerous problems and what we do is have the service advisor check them and/ or the technician. Rarely have issues anymore but it is bound to happen. Tom…. on a different topic. Can you give me more information on your ‘training lunch’ and what that consists of?

  • Good question Andy. I’d be interested in hearing what other people think also. We have been wanting to expand our benefits package. Thus far we have almost the same thing as you Andy. Those Holidays you listed paid, uniforms paid by shop, training paid by shop also- including sema. We were considering adding a 401k or do a profit sharing but that is still being researched

  • I did not like paychex. ADP is much more efficient and at a better price point. Especially if you have certain affiliations. I think the best discount I received was because we are ASA members. I have not tried QB payroll although we do use that software. I was told its easy but some think i prefer to hire out for and payroll is one of those things thats ‘touchy’ in my opinion. Good luck.…Read More

  • Any other updates on how this has worked for you?

  • Gary-

    As everyone else has already stated, that is an unacceptable time frame to have your website worked on and still not done! I also use Repair Shop Websites. Granted its a template so it will be up and running right away, BUT if someone is customizing yours from scratch it should still take no longer than a month. I hope you paid with a credit card. If you did, call and dispute all…Read More

  • My last comment I dont think posted. We are currently in the works of coming up with a promotion to use for Groupon. They offered to feature our shop. Yes you have to discount 50% off and yes you have to give Groupon 50% of what you make BUT i dont think you would necessarily use this to ‘make’ money. Although i am not willing to lose either. But in one email that groupon sends i will…Read More

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