• Hi
    Long time lurker here … if you go thru parts ‘every other year’
    ..then if here – that rules out it being a ‘fast mover’. If you
    ‘mark’ the part – say a red sticker …when you get 2 stickers – time
    to throw out … hay I need to do that with some shirts I keep
    telling myself I will wear, too.

    Does it take long to be adequate in understanding eBay? Does the
    ‘net result’ do…Read More

  • Hello Todd

    Remember ” Business goes where it is asked –and stays where it is
    appreciated ”

    Call the jobber store manager ( owner ? ) and ask for some repair
    business – what can you lose by being honest and straightforward.


  • GregGH replied to the topic partenership in the forum Employees 11 years, 9 months ago

    Very much a ‘newbie’ on this forum – but lets

    When you buy shares – you now are liable for
    problems as well as share profits -so examples
    like paying ‘under the table’ and others can leave
    you exposed. When you are sued – they go for
    ‘people with the deep pockets’ first.

    Have you discussed a partnership agreement
    A) who can sell shares – to whom – with any other…Read More

  • Hello

    this was a nice list – BUT – only for 2006 & 2007
    – wonder if anyone is keeping an archive of older
    vehicles …so you could see what the factory
    warranty was on that 2001 Kia ? or whatever

    Happy New Year


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