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  1. I would like to see the poll on what influences technicians who have never been to the shop advertising a position, or even spoken to anyone at the shop with an open position. They wouldn’t have first hand knowledge of most of the conditions listed.

    It’s about what preconceived notions exist, or what are technicians who feel like they are under appreciated/compensated telling themselves, that prevents them from taking steps to find out if their is better/healthier employment options out there. I just read this post this morning:

    “I would just love to be able to find a shop that wants to invest in some training. I would be super grateful for that. I have to pursue all knowledge on my own and I get punished when I figure shit out quick with more work and no extra pay”

    Why is this tech still working where he works? What prevents him from getting a better job? Is it so bad out there (or is that the preconceived notion?) that most techs would rather not even take a chance that it could be better elsewhere?