What is your goal for increasing sales in 2022?
What is the average Total Gross Profit at your shop?
*Definition of Gross Profit: The total of all sales of all types less the cost of those sales expressed as a percent of the total sales amount.
Labor Gross Profit at your shop is typically how much?
Seems like more shop owners are adding locations. How many locations do you have?
What is the average monthly sales per service advisor at your shop?
What is the typical charge for a brake inspection at your shop (if no additional brake service or repair was required)?
    Use the comments section if you care to add details
What are your monthly sales per production employee? Include people directly involved with servicing vehicles – technicians, advisors, managers, and parts people. Count part time employees proportionally according to how many hours they work. Do NOT include any office staff, janitorial, or drivers.