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Take your shop to the next level

Are you struggling with…?

Recruiting the right techs and advisors

· Increasing car counts through the right marketing

· Getting your shop’s numbers to where they need to be

· Increasing your sales and customer satisfaction

· Creating a better work-life balance

We’ve helped thousands of shop owners overcome these challenges, reach their goals and live happier lives!

Our team of experts helps automotive pros reach their goals and live happier lives while making a positive impact on their employees, customers and community.

We’re governed by the principle that we’ll never put money ahead of people.

We use a rigorous interview process to ensure that every coach and trainer we bring aboard has:

  • A verifiable track record of impressive success
  • A+ references in their communities
  • A strong commitment to ethics, and shares the principles that we hold so dearly

Here’s How We Help

Coaching & Peer Groups

Join the industry’s top peer group, or get coaching from America’s most successful shop owners.

Service Advisor Training

Get higher sales and happier customers with service advisor training from industry-leading experts.


Boost your shop with our online and in-person sales, marketing, recruiting and management events.


When getting help with your business, one of the most important questions you should ask yourself is: What are the qualifications of the person delivering the coaching and training?

  • Every one of our sales trainers is a nationally recognized superstar.
  • Every one of our coaches is (or was) one of the most successful shop owners in the entire industry.
  • Every Elite expert has been in your shoes, and can guide you through your challenges based on their first-hand experience.


We use a rigorous interview process to hire the best coaches and trainers with impressive track records of success, and who also have a strong commitment to our principles and culture.

We’re governed by the principle that we will never put money ahead of people. We’ll help you reach your goals in a way that has a positive impact on your employees, customers and community, and we will never ask for contracts.


Because we hire the industry’s top experts, we have the best reputation of any coaching and training company in the industry, and are able to deliver extraordinary results:

When you put people first, and do the right things for the right reasons, the results will follow.

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