Auto Repair Scheduling Solutions

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auto repair scheduling

Auto repair scheduling can be a touchy subject in auto shops for both staff and customers. Customers with cars that need service can be impatient to get them fixed and dissatisfied with any delays or excuses. Shop owners, dealing with concerns about the bottom line and tech shortages, walk a fine line between customer service and profitability. Is there a … Read More

Choosing the Right Auto Shop Management Software

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auto shop management software

Every auto repair shop needs reliable and robust auto shop management software to function smoothly. If finding the right software for your auto repair business seems like a daunting task, don’t worry. The Automotive Management Network has done much of the legwork for you. Auto Shop Management Software Needs If your business operates part time or does not do a … Read More

Marketing with Your Lube Sticker Printer

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lube sticker printer

In earlier blogs we’ve discussed various marketing strategies that will help you get your auto shop business noticed. These range from the traditional direct mail marketing to creating and using your Google My Business listing for free advertising. Any auto shop that performs oil changes is familiar with the lube sticker printer. This tool offers a good way to remind … Read More

Is Repair Business Improving in the Stimulus Economy?

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stimulus economy

The world has gone through an artificial recession cycle since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Auto repair shops have not all experienced the same levels of lockdown or interference with business. In some areas there were early lockdowns. Other areas suffered longer periods of economic inactivity, while still others managed to maintain nearly business as usual. Hardly any businesses … Read More

What Are the Auto Repair Hourly Rates by State?

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auto repair hourly rates by state

One question that auto repair techs are very invested in knowing the answer to is: “What are the auto repair hourly rates by state?” Everyone wants to be compensated fairly and generously, and many workers are willing to relocate for a better wage. Here we will go over the differences in auto repair costs and hourly rates in different states … Read More

How Hard Is It to Find Techs after COVID?

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We have just passed the one-year anniversary of the beginning of COVID lockdowns in America. It’s been quite a year. Businesses have had to be very limber to figure out how to survive with the restrictions placed on their staff, their physical environment, and their customers. Because auto repair shops must have reliable staff to keep their doors open, it’s … Read More

How Often Does Your Auto Shop Have Employee Meetings?

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employee meetings

The Automotive Management Network currently has a survey asking our members about their employee meetings. We would appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to let us know how you incorporate employee meetings into your shop’s schedule and management. Take Our Employee Meetings Survey As you can see, this survey is about the frequency with which your shop … Read More

How Rising Energy Costs Affect the Economy

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rising energy costs

With rising energy costs, the rising price of crude oil, and corresponding increases at the pump, consumers can expect to pay more for…everything. Given that the country is still in recession due to the COVID-19 epidemic and the resultant lockdowns, this will have an impact on the retail and service economy. How will it affect your auto repair shop? America … Read More

Hiring and Training Beginners in Your Auto Shop

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training beginners

Finding and hiring good auto techs is one of the biggest challenges that auto repair shop owners and managers have. We discussed numerous options they may use to do this in a previous blog and survey. One of the possibilities we mentioned was training beginners from scratch, mentoring them to become great techs who will be invested in the success … Read More

Telephone Systems for Auto Repair Shops

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telephone systems

What kind of telephone system does your auto repair shop use? Many smaller shops use the traditional, landline phone systems that we are all familiar with. How do on-premise phone systems differ from hosted telephone systems, and how can expanded telephone features help a shop’s marketing and bottom line? On-premise Telephone Systems An on-premise system is the type of system … Read More

Happy New Year! What Are Your 2021 Goals?

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2021 goals

2020 was a challenging year, and most people will be glad to see it in the rearview mirror. There’s nothing inherently magic about the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve, however. If we want to get excited about the new year and its possibilities, we have to be willing to examine past performance, make changes, and set new goals. … Read More

Using Signage to Educate Your Customers

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using signage

In our last blog we talked about the importance of customer education. A majority of customer education is the responsibility of the service advisors in your shop. It’s an active part of the process of selling repairs to the public. You can help your service advisors do their job, however, by using signage to educate your customers while they are … Read More

Customer Education is Part of Building Trust

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customer education

In our last blog we discussed how important shop transparency is for building the trust necessary between an auto shop and its customers. One of the ways to do this is for shops to focus on customer education. Do your service advisors take time to explain repairs or the necessity of repairs? Without that understanding, your customers will have questions. … Read More

Hiring Based on Personality

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hiring based on personality

Hiring is a complex process, and right now in the auto repair industry everyone is focused on it. Every owner or hiring manager wants to do an exceptional job finding and hiring the right techs so that they will be able to maintain and grow their auto shop. One aspect of hiring we haven’t covered before is the role personality … Read More

Using a Recruiter to Find Technicians

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using a recruiter

One of the biggest challenges that auto repair shops face is staffing: finding and hiring enough technicians. On one of our most recent surveys we asked our members to tell us how they go about finding techs to hire. One of the options we gave was to use a professional recruiter or staffing service. In this blog we will talk … Read More

What Is the Best Automotive Management Software?

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best automotive management software

Readers frequently come to the Automotive Management network because they have a specific question in mind: What is the best automotive management software? There is no simple answer to that question, of course. It depends on what a specific auto shop needs. Because we want to help our members answer that question for themselves, we’ve created a number of valuable … Read More