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Date of the EventName of the EventPresenterLink to register for the event online
06/28/2022How to Win the War for TalentChris
06/29/2022Volkswagen Audi Diag. Using ODIS, Scanner and J-2534Craig
06/29/2022Non-CAN Vehicle Network Diagnostic StrategiesRick Kelley & Cody
06/30/2022Website Do's & Don'tsJimmy
06/30/2022NAFA Leadership Experience: Energizing Innovation Through
06/30/2022LAUNCH Scope Power
07/11/2022ATG/Denso Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS)Rick Kelley & Cody
07/12/2022Self-Maintenance – The Care and Feeding of YourselfJeff
07/12/20222022’s 100 Best Fleets: Initiatives &
07/13/2022In Cylinder Pressure DiagnosticsJohn
07/13/2022ATG/Denso Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS)Rick Kelley & Cody
07/19/2022Phone SkillsSally with SW Service
07/19/2022First Steps for Service AdvisorsSW Service
07/21/2022The Industry is Changing: Fleet Technology is Shaping the Trucking BusinessAlex Capelle and Sean
07/24/2022Automotive Key Programming - VW / AUDIHS
07/27/2022Hybrid Battery Diagnostics: Including Safety, Tools & DisablingEric Walker & Paul
08/03/2022Scan Tool Strategies For Trouble Codes & Drivability FaultsBryan Perrin & Cody
08/09/2022Building Decision MakersMaylan Newton -
08/10/2022Ford Drivability & Code Diagnostics: Fuel Systems & Diagnostic Tool UpdateRick Kelley & Cody
08/14/2022Automotive Key Programming | BMW / Mini Cooper / Land Rover / Porsche / VolvoUHS
08/16/2022Variable Cam Timing DiagnosticsJohn
08/22/2022Hybrid Motor Diagnostics: Includes ICE, Cooling & Accessory SystemsEric Walker & Paul
08/24/2022Evaporative Emissions Systems: Leak, Flow & Function TestingBryan Perrin & Rick
08/31/2022Mechanical & Variable Valve Timing DiagnosticsRick Kelley & Paul
09/07/2022Ford Drivability & Code Diagnostics: Induction, Ignition, Misfire & MechanicalRick Kelley & Cody
09/13/2022The Importance of Relationships and SellingMaylan Newton -
09/14/2022EV & Hybrid Safety & Service: Sneak-Peek WebinarBryan Perrin & Rick
09/28/2022Small Diesel Diagnostics: Sneak-Peek WebinarBryan Perrin & Paul
10/11/2022The Law of AttractionJeff Nott -
10/18/2022Variable Valve Lift DiagnosticsJohn
11/08/2022Change Happens – How to Accept and Adapt to What You Can Not ChangeJeff Nott -
12/06/2022Automotive Electronics 2: Case Studies & Troubleshooting TipsJohn
12/13/2022Successful Thinking!Rodger Bland -
Date of the EventName of the EventPresenterLink to register for the event online

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