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    _____ Verify Correction of Customer Concern: ___ In bay,  ___ short test drive,  ___ long test drive
    _____ Visual Inspection under hood:
    ___No loose tools,
    ___ Caps & covers installed,
    ___ Fluid levels full,
    ___ Absence of leaks,
    ___ Wires & Hoses connected,
    ___ Air Filter housing correct.
    _____ Visual Inspection inside vehicle:
    ___ No fingerprints, grease marks, foot prints,
    ___ Steering wheel & door handle wiped down.
    ___ Floor mat & seat cover removed
    ___ Business Card & AAA Mirror Hanger Survey
    ___ Stang Auto Tech LOF sticker in windshield
    _____ No Charge Items Completed Correctly
    ___ Complete Car Wash
    _____ Paperwork Correct
    ___ Vehicle Information Complete
    ___ In / Out Mileage recorded
    ___ Completed Service Procedures & Used Parts Checked Off
    ___ Procedures sheet correclty documented
    ___ Recommended Services Checked or Crossed
    ___ Cause, Correction (parts & labor), and Recommendations w/ Repair
    ___ Visual Maintenance Inspection
    _____ Radio stations reset, ___ Not Reset
    July 28, 2006 at 8:02 pm#67274
    Tom Ham

    Looks great! I like it. Thanks for posting it!


    Tom - Shop Owner since 1978

    August 7, 2006 at 4:28 pm#67290

    It does look great. We do a pretty good checkout before the car leaves, but I have to admit one thing makes me feel a little dumb- I never wipe off the door handles (unless of course I saw something on them) but what are the chances that they get dirty? Pretty high and not so obvious to the eye when they are black.

    I do open the car up and clean out the inside and have never gotten grease or dirt on my hand, but I am going to have to start cleaning it ever time just in case. Thanks for posting that!

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