• October 1, 2019 at 3:59 pm #93178
    Curtis Parcell

    My company is a digital marketing company that offers an automated marketing platform for local tire dealers.  We have exclusive partnerships with local radio stations who promote iNeedNewTires.com, with users requesting price quotes from local tire dealers.   The platform works great!!  An average local tire dealers will receive 50 to 80 price quote requests per month.  The tire dealers LOVE the leads they receive, but they seem to struggle is in the sales conversion.  Many of our dealers say they just can’t compete on price with Walmart’s and Costco’s of the world.  My question is . . . if it’s only about price, how are any of the “little guys” still in business?  There has to be a way for these guys to sell tires without it all being about price.   Any advise would be appreciated.

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