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Overheating or Low Coolant Level Policy

Fuel (Contaminated) Handling and Disposal – Billing Procedure

Estimates / Quotes by Email Disclaimer

Noise Diagnosis – Riding with Customers to Observe – Procedure

Canned Job Kit Creation Instructions – Vehicle Specific

How to Create an Inspection Results Video for Customers and Marketing

Determining the Priority of Vehicles to be serviced

Incentive System for Service Advisors for Getting Appointments

Appointment Preparation Checklist

New customer interview questions

Customer Greeting and Interaction: Service Advisor – Procedure 2

Estimate Presentation – Worksheet

Service Advisor Priorities – Guidelines

Maintenance History Check and Estimating – Form

Maintenance Intervals for Vehicles above 120,000 Miles – Chart

Oil Change Service – Procedures

WIP / Work in Progress Screen – System

Inspect at No Charge Items – List

Repair Difficulty Levels for Tech Assignments – Guide

Scheduling the Next Appointment – Procedure