Does Your Auto Shop Allow Customer Supplied Parts?

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customer supplied parts

Does your auto shop use customer supplied parts to complete their repairs? This topic can raise some eyebrows and tempers between customers and shop owners or techs, but there are good reasons for shops refusing to use aftermarket parts customers purchase elsewhere. Here we will go through those reasons and how to explain your shop’s policy to your customers. The … Read More

Transition Planning in Family Owned Auto Repair Shops

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family owned

In our last blog, we talked about the importance of exit planning and making sure that owners give themselves enough time to fix any problems with their auto shops before they put them up for sale. For some owners, there may be an additional complexities to a transition, though. Many auto repair businesses are family owned and operated. Transitioning a … Read More

Should Techs Bear the Costs to Be ASE Certified?

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ASE certified

How useful do you think ASE certification is? We’ve asked the question before, but it’s always good to review. For shop owners who do believe ASE certification is important for their techs, the other related question must be: How much do you invest in getting your techs ASE certified? Certification involves both time and money, and it has assumed benefits … Read More

The Need for Lift Inspections

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Lift inspections

In our last blog we discussed the need for lift safety training in all auto repair shops. It’s vitally important that all employees are familiar with automotive lifts, know how to use them correctly, and know how to safely work around them. It’s also critical for shop safety that the lifts work correctly and are in good operating condition at … Read More

Auto Techs Need Lift Safety Training

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lift safety

Vehicle lifts are an important piece of equipment in auto repair shops. They’re used throughout the country and the world to raise and lower vehicles very effectively. Unfortunately, sometimes they are not well maintained, and not all employees are thoroughly trained in lift safety. These failures can and have led to thousands of accidents and injuries, and some deaths occur … Read More

Does Your Auto Shop Offer Repair Financing?

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repair financing

Some kinds of repairs always come as a shock to car owners, no matter how long they’ve been driving, owning, or maintaining cars. While not all repairs are expensive, some are pricey enough that even people with good incomes and savings will blink. What does your auto shop do for customers who cannot afford the repairs they need at the … Read More

Ways to Encourage Customers to Leave Good Reviews

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good reviews

In an earlier article we discussed how to negotiate with customers who leave bad online reviews for auto repair shops. This is only half the strategy for shops that want good online profiles, though. The other part is more proactive and involves giving your customers incentives to leave you good reviews. Here we will discuss ways to encourage your customer … Read More

How Much Do Online Reviews Matter?

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online reviews

In our previous blog pieces, we’ve talked about handling bad reviews and how to negotiate with customers when they leave bad reviews of your business. No one likes bad reviews. Criticism always stings, and sometimes people take out their frustration on a business for a simple mistake. That’s frustrating for any owner or manager. It can be equally frustrating trying … Read More

Negotiating with the Public about Customer Reviews

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customer reviews

Some years ago we addressed the challenge of handling bad online reviews. For local businesses and especially small to medium sized companies who depend on good customer relations to remain in business, the online review landscape can be stressful. Anyone is free to leave any kind of review on a wide variety of internet sites. That person doesn’t have to … Read More

A Bidding War for Auto Techs

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bidding war

In our last blog we talked about how waiting for customer authorization lengthens repair times. Another factor in longer wait times is whether or not the auto shop is fully staffed. Currently there is a severe shortage of auto techs, and auto dealerships and shops are both struggling to hire new techs to replace the techs they are losing to … Read More

Confronting Management about Favoritism

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Previously we’ve discussed the dangers of nepotism in auto repair shops. Unfortunately, nepotism is not the only type of favoritism that happens in the workplace. What happens when management plays favorites among their employees? How do workers deal with managers who treat some workers better than others? From the worker perspective, favoritism is bad – unless, of course, you are … Read More